Professional Pet Nail Clipper with LED Light & Magnification Mirror for Cat & Dog


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Our Professional Pet Nail Clipper is one of the most innovative inventions in the Pet industry & is a Favorite among the Pets – The Built in Super Bright LED Light & Magnification Mirror can illuminate the Nail and see the Vein under it; which allows you to see the delicate blood lines, allowing you to trim at the right position every time, to avoid cutting the vein and inflict injury to your pet.

Never Cut Too Deep : PETTRIM Pet Nail Clipper comes with a 5X Magnification & a Super Bright LED Light. The high-powered light illuminates your cat or dog’s nails making it easier to see the vein and the quick. No more guessing. Know exactly how much to trim.

Extra Safe : The protective guide helps you avoid over clipping. Plus, the trimmer’s Ergonomic & Rubber Coated Handles keep it from slipping while in use. Use the safety lock when you’re done for ultra-safe storage.

No More Flying Pet Nails : The trimmer has a unique nail trapper that captures the nails as you clip

No More Dull Clippers : The blade on the Cat and Dog Nail Trimmer is built to stay sharp on even the toughest of nails making trimming faster and more accurate.

For dark nails, be sure to look at the dark nail head-on,once you see a small dark circle, this is as far as you should go (Note: The LED light does not allow you to see through some thick dark pet nails)

NOTE: Batteries are NOT included; Need to Buy 3 LR33/AG44 batteries Separately.


  • Weight: 80g.
  • Color: Yellow + Gray.
  • Size: 14 x 9.5 x 2.5cm.
  • Power: 3 x LR44 Batteries

Package Include:

1 x Pet Nail Clipper With LED Light.


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