Motion Activated Universal Animal Repellent for Garden with Solar Power Source


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Our Solar Powered Universal Animal Repellent for Garden is a Waterproof PIR Sensor Pest & Animal Repeller which works great with the following:- Fox, Raccoon, Mouse, Bird, Deer, Dog, Skunk, Cat. You’ll start to see a difference within a week, and within a few weeks, even your most stubborn visitors will be deterred.

Because it is a portable design product that can be installed in your home, garden, or anywhere in the courtyard, this product can be used with low battery power, the product is just to drive the animal without any chemicals, it is only issued 25kHz Ultrasound to drive them away. Will not have any harm to the human body


  • Speaker: This product can be issued at high frequencies to drive away from the animal.
  • PIR motion detector: This is a non-stop output signal infrared sensor when the sensor to move the sensor in the detection range, it will automatically send out the frequency of the body to drive the animal and the LED indicator light is also lit.
  • LED indicator



  • Length Overall: 37.8cm (Standing height from the top to the sharp end when fully assembled)
  • Power Supply: 4 x “AA” Ni-CD rechargeable batteries (included)
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 25 – 61Khz
  • Coverage Area:  2,425 square feet
  • Sensor angle: 110 degree
  • Range: 8~9 Meters
  • Waterproof grade: IPX4
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Unit Dimensions: 5.7*3.3*2.7 in

Package Include:

  • 1 x Solar Mole Repeller

Pro Tips

  • Charge the device 2 days in the sun prior to use.
  • Install the device towards the direction of animals invading in, which has a better effect.
  • Place the repellent in a sunny place to ensure it has enough electricity.
  • Ultrasonic products will not produce an instant effect, will take 10-15 days to deliver the full deterrent effect
  • When you open it the first time, it will beep for 2.5 seconds, you can confirm if it’s work well.
  • Please do not walk past the pest control frequently, or it will beep instantly.
  • When the PIR sensor detects motion, the LED light will flash for 3 seconds and the ultrasonic signal will run for 15 seconds.
  • Once the animal leaves the area, the repeller will return to standby mode
  • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed in the pictures.



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