Mandala Shower Curtain with Bohemian Decor

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Bring rich texture and versatility to the bath with our Mandala Shower Curtain with Bohemian Decor. Thinking of an upgrade for your tub or powder room? A Mandala Shower Curtain is a way to upgrade your powder room. Each element of our Mandala Shower Curtain is beautifully contrasted on a bright backdrop highlighting the patterns exquisite intricacies. Our Mandala Shower Curtain is made of polyester to ensure durability and reliability. You can easily create a unique room that matches your personal style with our Mandala Shower Curtain.

Mandala Shower Curtain Features

  • Material : Polyester
  • Wash Style : Mechanical Wash
  • Weight : 0.45kg
  • Size : 150x180cm, 180x180cm, 90x180cm, 120x180cm, 165x180cm, 180x200cm , 180x220cm



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