Electric Rotating Cat Toy

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Captivate your cat’s attention & satisfy its hunting instincts with a unique stimulating cat or kitten toy. Cats love to chase these because of super realistic and unpredictable movements. It’s a true challenge for all cats!

  • Cats Love It – The rotating motion of the electric butterfly toy appeals to your cat’s instincts keeping them interested in playing.
  • Helps Dissuade Cats from Scratching Furniture – Providing your cat with healthy stimulation like the electric rotating butterfly cat toy can help prevent them from destructive behaviors such as scratching furniture, floors, and chewing on cushions. 
  • Promotes Health – Stimulating interactive toys provide cats with the exercise and interactions they need to remain happy and healthy. It’s perfect for days when you’re too busy to spend as much time playing with your cat as you’d like.
  • Two Great Designs – The electric rotating toy comes with either a butterfly or a bird. Choose your favorite or buy both.
  • Secure Base : Toys’s base is broad and heavy to stop it from sliding around, even during lively attacks on the prey


It rarely gets stuck due to the constant movement that keeps cats entertained for hours! This toy super fun for spectators! We will have lots of fun games with this toy! You and your cats will never get bored, just a little creativity is going to have a new game! 




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    • Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery to the rest of the world.



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