3D Waterproof Wolf Shower Curtain | Where Light And Dark Meet by JoJoesArt

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Our 3D Waterproof Wolf Shower Curtain is sure to make your bathroom space look appealing. Our Wolf Shower Curtain bring a fresh feel to an overlooked space. 3D Printed with exquisite designs, our Wolf Shower Curtain feature crisp and colorful prints on the front, with a white reverse side. Our Wolf Shower Curtain are delightful, multi-colored work of art that will brighten up any bathroom with its intricate artwork. Easy to maintain, the Wolf Shower Curtain only needs to be dry cleaned occasionally to keep it looking as good as new for years to come. Our Wolf Shower Curtain is made of polyester to ensure durability and reliability.

Wolf Shower Curtain Features
  • Material : Polyester
  • Wash Style : Mechanical Wash
  • Weight : 0.45kg
  • Size : 150x180cm, 180x180cm, 90x180cm, 120x180cm, 165x180cm, 180x200cm , 180x220cm



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